My daughter sent me an interesting little email yesterday morning.

It contained a picture and some instructions and it kind of interested me a little.  So I thought I would share it with you.  (

For the record it was one of those emails that seems to do the rounds  every now and then and so I have no idea where it originated but credit goes to them whosever they may be)…

The Right and Left Side of the brain.

The right side of your brain. This will show when you are using your Right or Left side of your brain.

If you see the picture exactly as it is (head on), you are using the Left side of your brain.

When you stare at it however you will see the figure shift; from ‘head on’ into ‘profile’ and you will be using the Right side of your brain.

You can also switch back and forth and this should make it seem as if the man is turning his face.

Stare to go to the Right side of the brain (it sort of trances you out or puts you in an altered NON THINKING state).

Begin thinking and reasoning about it and you will move back out of the altered state into Left brain thinking.