Hm. Funny Word It Is… Agoraphobia

Fear of ‘open spaces‘ or of ‘being in crowded, public places like markets‘. Fear of ‘leaving a safe place‘ it is.

From the German ‘Agorophobie‘ it is.

Termed by German psychiatrist Carl Westphal from Berlin it was.

From the Greek ‘agora‘ meaning ‘open space‘ or ‘place of assembly‘ typically a ‘market place‘ it is.

Often mispronounced or mispoken it is. People often pronounce it ‘agraphobia‘ they do.

Makes me chuckle it does. Because ‘agraphobia‘ is a recognized common but not widely known condition in its own right it is.

agraphobia‘ is the abnormal fear of sexual abuse it is which is also known as ‘contreltophobia‘ it is.