My blogging buddy and someone who’s blog I follow and read almost daily – Carla from over at Seasons Change, and so have I, has so very kindly awarded me this wonderful “Thankyou For Writing” award.

To the casual observer it could seem that these awards are like buses or bills – you wait for one for ages and then several all come at once.

And indeed it certainly does seem that way doesn’t it 🙂  But please don’t infer from that that they are not very much appreciated.

Awards such as these serve a very real purpose within the blogging community and I for one appreciate each ad every one of them, even though they do often humble me and cause me to wonder if I or my writing are actually deserve them.

In respect of this particular award, as I said it was awarded by Carla and I truly appreciate her extremely kind words about me – which can be found here.

According to my understanding of this award, as a recipient I can now pass it on to  bloggers who in their writing demonstrate a passion for writing and for the subject matter on which they are writing.

As I said before, these awards serve a very real purpose and I do value them highly as a result of this.  And it is for that same reason that I have chosen just four blogs as recipients of this award from me.  (And of course I am working on the basis that Carla has already received the award).

These blogs are…

Infinite Sadness… or what?

Not Quite Lost

…But She’s Crazy and

The Mirth of Despair.

So what can I say about these blogs and their respective bloggers? (Warning! Warning! slushy, sentimental, lovey-dovey moments ahead…)

Infinite Sadness… or what?  Real, raw, engaging, interesting, passionate and compassionate, Cate writes in an often understated fashion that touches my heart and which is often inspiring, regularly intriguing, and always inviting.  I respect her as a person and I respect her as a blogger.  I could easily see us sitting on a beach skimming stones into the breaker waves and listening to whales sing to each other.

Not Quite Lost is Jill’s blog.  Also real and at times raw, it offers a fun, fabulous, sometimes facetiousness, seldom farraginous feast of content which I enjoy greatly. Additionally I can see Jill and I sitting in the same ward somewhere devices schemes and plots of impish fun to play on the staff.  But only in a fun way and only to help us through having to be there in the first place 🙂

…But She’s Crazy is a blog written by Eileen and is another blog that I visit regularly and am often blessed by.  Real and again at times raw, (are you starting to see a pattern here?) it is often quizzical, quirky and quintessentially quiffed with style 🙂  Eileen is one of those bloggers who I could quite easily see myself sitting on the dock of a bay with, dangling our feet in the water, chatting about the world and life in general and mischievously painting pictures of cats onto the back of passing dogs 🙂  (We would use water soluble paints honest we would.)

The Mirth of Despair is a blog by Angel and again is (yes you guessed it) Real and Raw.  Her blog is bold, and brave, behooving, sometimes beatifying, often brilliant and even breathtaking it invites so many different emotions in me and responses from me.

As for Angel, well I can just as easily see me sitting on some jetty somewhere chatting with her as she feeds, hugs and cares for a family or school of dolphins as I can see me sitting on the same jetty watching her waterskiing being pulled along by those same dolphins 🙂

So there you have it.  Those nominations and why I have chosen them.  Again there are so many excellent blogs out there but I have chosen these four because I really do respect their author’s and their content and because of all the blogs I currently follow these are the ones written by authors who I personally find so readily and appropriately fit the remit of being writers who (as I think Carla put it) “regularly touches my heart with their posts” and who “blog from the heart” and which “when you read each entry you feel the passion too.”

And again a big thank you to Carla for giving me the honor of this award.