Well I am so happy!

My ailurophile blogging buddy Eileen from over at …But She’s Crazy (like there was ever any doubt?) has so very kindly awarded me a One Lovely Blog Award.

I am so very grateful for this award not least of all because it comes from Eileen who I respect as a blogger 🙂

Thank you so much Eileen!  Have a cat animation as a thankyou.

According to the rules I have to, along with acknowledging the nominator and linking back to their blog (Which I have now done), list (another) seven things about yourself and, of course, nominate other bloggers.

So here goes….

7 Things about myself.

Coming in at number 1…

I am not ticklish.  Well except for one particular spot on my body.  But other than that I am not at all ticklish.

At number 2…

I was once street homeless living on the streets of Birmingham for several months.

At number 3…

I am a recovering drug addict and have now been clean from drugs (other than those prescribed) for some 27 years.

At number 4…

Many years ago, around the 1980, during the Carter administration I was both invited by the Whitehouse and subsequently served as an international consultant commenting on research into the usefulness of nuts within a modern day society.

At number 5…

I was invited to train to become an ordained minister of the Church of England on three separate occasions but declined the offers as I did not feel free to do so at those times.

At number 6…

I have had many nicknames in my life the latest of which ‘Bold Kevin’ came about as a result of the word ‘bold’ meaning naughty here in Ireland and my regularly being particularly mischievous whilst leading worship and at other times at church and my being named ‘Bold Kevin’ as a result of it.

And at number 7…

I made number 4 up!  Everybody knows that we ‘nuts’ are useful in any society! lol

So those are my seven things about me and now for my nominations and since I think most people already have this award I am nominating but three blogs…

Pride In Madness. Is a blog that I quietly follow and very much enjoy reading and I thought it would be nice to acknowledge it. 🙂

Just A Thought. Is yet another blog that I follow very quietly and very much enjoy and once again one that I thought it would be nice to acknowledge.

MMM… Meditation, Mental health, Mindful crochet.  Yet another blog that I follow very quietly and yet another blog which I thought deserved acknowledgement.

Once again my thanks go out to Eileen for the nomination.  I am honoured,