Life is a journey which we all take in different ways for are we all not taking a journey? We may find some similarities in the journey others are taking and indeed at times our paths may cross or even merge for a while.  But whatever happens it is a journey each of us must make ourselves and I am Just thankful for those I have met along the way and for the lessons and challenges and blessings that they bestow.

I truly mean those words, and perhaps if I ever get around to finishing my Passions Profile Challenge I will be able to share just how important this journey is for me.  But for now please allow me to just say thank you  to just one of my fellow travellers, another ‘sojourner’ if you will and for one of the blessings that I have received.

Carla from Seasons Change, and Change, has very kindly awarded me an award which she explains here.

I have been awarded numerous awards since I started blogging and each and every one is appreciated although sometime the voices in my head tell me I am just padding – included in order to make up the numbers as an award requires a certain number of blogs to be nominated.  But then is that not the nature of the beast when it comes to Paranoid schizophrenia?

But with tis one comes a peace, a stillness, a quiet assurance that this award was indeed sincerely meant and for that I am so very grateful and humbled.  Not least of all because I truly respect the honesty and sincerity of the person awarding it to me,

So thank you Carla.  It really is such a blessing to receive such an award from you.

And so to nominate 5 bloggers whose work I truly appreciate, and again this list is presented alphabetically…

Angel from The Mirth of Despair is a blogger who’;s work I truly appreciate.  Angel is someone who has faced and who faces so much in life but who does it on her own terms as much as possible.

Honest and open and with a compassion that is both subtle and yet also so obvious and effective I truly appreciate her work and words and I admire both her ‘pep’ and her commitment to helping others who have mental health issues.

Additionally I know that angel, like me, likes movies and literature and hey they are not bad interests to have!

Thailand free Glitter comment
Angel Image courtesy of Thailand comment

Carla from Seasons Change, and Change I have already spoken about above but I could not consider my nominations to be complete without including Carla and her blogs – which I truly and thoroughly appreciate reading.

Never scared to bring a spiritual perspective to the table I find her blog to be real – which is one of the most important things to me – and refreshing in it’s honesty.  Additionally it is so very evident that Carla cares for folk and that is something I value in people.

Cate from ‘Infinite Sadness or What‘ is (and I quote her own words here as I believe them to be true) “A kiwi woman determined to restore her life from chronic mental and physical illness to purpose and contentment.

Cate is also someone who’s blog I really appreciate and whose opinions and perspectives I enjoy greatly.

I have some sense of the suffering and trials that Cate faces in life and love the upbeat and positive approach that Cate manages to keep even in the face of adversity.

Plus she is from New Zealand – a country whose air force – The Royal New Zealand Airforce has as it’s logo (as can be seen from the picture below) i the centre of it.  You have to admire the sheer defiance and optimism of an airforce which has as it’s emblem a FLIGHTLESS bird LOL sorry Cate but somebody had to point it out.

Eileen from over at …But She’s Crazy writes a blog which is (and I quote) ‘A memoir of moods, “madness,” and making it through’ and when it comes to her blog ‘it does exactly as it says on the tin’ as far as I am concerned.

Eileen tells it how it is for her when it comes to her mental health but does so with a sensitivity to others and a commitment to see it through!  I find her perspective on things to be refreshing and challenging as well as inviting in respect as it welcomes you to consider things from a different perspective.

I love following her blog and reading about what is going on in her life and seeing how she wins over the adversities which she faces.

When looking for an appropriate graphic for Eileen I found this one over at Coolchaser and whilst the lady in the pic looks (I am sure) nothing like Eileen the graphic itself made me chuckle and I hope Eileen likes it.

Jill from Not Quite Lost writes (and again I quote the blogger’s own tagline here) a “Mental-health based blog, peppered with art, terrible Swedish music videos, observations on The Absurd & I hope just the right blend of silliness.”  It is a blog written in an n earthy, raw, open and honest fashion by someone I care for deeply and whose inimitable style is quirky and fun hence the inclusion of terrible Swedish music.  Actually I might be so bold as to suggest that the inclusion of terrible Swedish music is grounds enough for a diagnosis of some form of mental health issues or another, but thankfully the use of the word ‘terrible’ prefacing it shows there are at least some sign  of hope 🙂

This one is for you Jill.

So there you have it – ‘My Famous Five’ (he said showing off his Blytonesque literary bent) and thusly I have complied with the rules of the award 🙂  I have

(Very gratefully) Accepted the award

thanked the person who awarded you and  linked their blog in my post

Picked 5 bloggers whom I find informational, honest, raw, and outstanding. Listed them and made their names link back to them.

Oops I missed one which is to “Share a great piece of important information for us all”

Hm.  Ok I am sure I can come up with some thing humorous and importantly informative…  Try this.

If ever you dash home and are in such a hurry, that you grab a microwave meal, read the instructions that say ‘remove sleeve and pierce repeatedly with a fork’ only to find yourself standing there minutes later still holding the same microwave meal but with one very painful, but now bare arm with lots of little red dots on it, then it is probably time to seek psychiatric help! 🙂