Well now haven’t I just been soooooooooo quiet lately?

So to all of the school master and mistresses who wrote to my parents when I was younger.  Telling them that I simply didn’t know how to be quiet and behave myself the Bart animation is for you.  See I can be quiet and can be well behaved.

Oops! Hm. perhaps the Bart animation actually is proof that I can’t be well behaved?  But hey, at least I have been quiet of late.  So that is something at least.

Actually I have been busy doing a lot of reflection and soul-searching lately, not to mention designing healthy meal plans, walking the dog a lot and generally trying to become a lot healthier.

It was whilst walking the dog this morning, and as a result of all that reflection and soul-searching, that I came up with the title quote…

Resignation –  Defeatism’s younger self.

It’s true isn’t it?  That sometimes when we simply resign ourselves to something we then become defeated.

When it comes to my mental health and all the issues that I face with it I don’t want to resign myself to it and I certainly don’t want to be defeated!  Why should I?  Am I not (as the Greeks and indeed the Gestalt school of psychology) would have it “Greater than the sum of my parts”? (I am of course paraphrasing)

Certainly my mind is damaged.  But am I to be limited by this or indeed liberated by this?  Given the choice – and I truly believe it is my fundamental human right and indeed spiritual responsibility to make that choice – I choose to be liberated by it!

But am I (Have I been) kidding myself a little when it comes to my mental health?  And is the same true of my physical health?  Am I controlling my illnesses or are my illnesses controlling me?

Well as I said, I have been doing a lot of soul-searching lately and I have determined as a result of it all that whilst I do pretty much have a handle on and am pretty much in control of my mental health when it comes to my physical health it has had too much control on me.  I have – if you will – in many ways been living out the prognosis that was assigned to me along with the diagnoses I was given.

But who says we have to accept the prognosis dished out with the diagnoses we receive?  Living them out like some self-fulfilling prophesy?  Is it a perfectly understandable reaction? Yes of course it is and so is growing into that mindset as a result of the tough times that we face along the way.  BUT doe it have to be that way?  Should it be that way?

Well I don’t know about you all, but when it comes to me and my prognoses and would be self-fulfilling prophesies, “NO MORE!”  I say.  “I refuse to live them out any longer!”

Is resignation defeatism’s younger self?  Yes I think so but here’s the deal…

Resignation will only grow into defeatism if reality’s truth is ignored and it is allowed to have it’s own way and to do nothing!

So next time it rears it’s mischievous little head in my life I am going to do just what I should have done many moons back – turn it over my knee, warms its butt, and tell it to shape up and walk right.

Are there times when we can’t change things and thus absolutely have to accept things?  Yes of course there are – and that is when reality’s truth comes into play.

But I am convinced that whilst ‘reality’ and ‘resignation’ may look like and in many cases actually be twins, unless resignation’s influences are always judged along-side reality’s truth then defeatism will inevitably follow.

I don’t want that for my life and it is way past time to fight for a different result.