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Today has been a very positive day for me!

I woke up this morning before 7am and got up and washed and dressed and then took TJ out for a nice long walk around the field opposite my home before doing anything else.

To be honest that was really tough but I am delighted that i pushed through and managed it.

On coming home I made a couple of small slices of brown toast and then ordered the new artist graphic’s pad which a dear friend is buying for me so I can draw straight onto the computer.  I am delighted to be getting one of these as I have been wanting one for many years now.

The post came this morning and I am delighted to be able to report that the new mask for my CPAP machine came and so I should get the full benefit of my CPAP machine from tonight onwards.

I update the website for my old church – it is a committment I decided to keep doing even though I had left that church and then Matthew and Trish came round and we sorted out the spare room (which had basically become a store room) in order to make room for the exercise bike i am borrowing from some other dear friends.  Man there was a lot of stuff to sort out.

By the time we had finished this I was feeling so very tired and was worried that by the time I had rested for a bit and had some dinner I would not have the energy to take TJ for another walk tonight.  The purpose of these walks are of course to exercise TJ bless him but mainly to help me lose this darned weight and so they are very important.

So I got my shoes on and took TJ for a long walk round the field this afternoon instead of the slightly shorter walk I have planned for the evenings.  That way ( I thought) if I am not able for a walk this evening at least I have done the same as I had planned in terms of distance just at a different time.

Coming hoe I rested for a bit and then had a small evening meal before watching some television and then I decided that if I was careful and paced myself I could do a short walk this evening as well.  That meaning I would have done three walks today instead of the two and that would be great.

It was a lovely evening and so I did just that but because it was starting to get dark  decided not to take the field route but to walk down the road and back instead.

So that is what I have done and I have now designed a route to be taken in the evenings…

I live in a long quiet road which as you can see has a slight incline in it and a couple of cul-de-sacs coming off of it. (Shown on the left)  I took this picture from the point where I turned around to come home and my home is almost at the end of this road. On the corner of one of those cul-de-sacs.

So I walk from my house up the incline then around one of the cul-de-sacs (pictured above) until I reach the point I took the first photograph from and then all the way back down the road and round again to the cul-de-sac my house is on the corner of.The I walk round that cul-de-sac (pictured below) and back to my house.

This is a great wa;lk as like the one round the field it taxes me but not to the point of chest pains which of course I need to be careful of.

I realize of course that exercise is just one of the things that I have to do and that my diet needs to change also.  But the truth is that eating healthy costs money and that is something I really don’t have at the moment. I need to go out and buy a healthy food for the week but can’t do that until I am a little better off financially.

It frustrates me greatly that this is such an important thing and yet I can’t addreess it yet but there is nothing I can do about that as yet and so I have to be content with what i can deal with right now.

I have started eating a little more healthily and as healthily as I can on an extremely limited budget.  I am also waiting for the new book to arrive in order to help me plan meals a lot better.  And whilst it is very regrettable that I can’t immediately launch int a healthy diet I know that this will indeed come.

So tonight (very shortly actually) I am going to bed a happier man than I have been for some time.  I finally feel as if I am making a difference and might even be winning.  Even my m,ental health is better today!

In truth, I ache!  I ache in places I never knew I had places and I have little doubt getting up and facing the walk in the morning is going to be tough.  BUT I determined that I am going to do it.