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I have to be honest and admit that my heart is troubled today.  Actually it has been troubled for a few days now.  So I thought I would tell you three extremely short stories all based on the theme of ‘reaching out’.

Peter was drowning, drowning fast.  He had tried to keep his head above water for so long now.  Doing all he could to just stay afloat.

He was sinking, sinking fast.  Despite all his efforts he was sinking and he knew it.

“I can see the light!  I am sure I can see the light!  If only I reach out towards that light, that hope.  Perhaps someone will reach out to me and help me.” He told himself.

Claire was doing her best to make her way on her journey.  But in truth she was struggling.

It had grown dark, so very dark.  Suddenly so very Dark.

In the darkness she stumbled and fell.

Falling fast, unable to see anything,  she reached out in that darkness.

Hoping for something to grab hold of.  Hoping beyond hope that something, someone would be there.

Samantha was tired, so very tired.  It had been a long and arduous journey and one through somehow unfamiliar territory.

She had been in unfamiliar territory many times before but this time it was somehow different.

Somehow she had reached the edge and didn’t know where to turn.  Scared and confused and not seeing or knowing who to reach out to for help, she sat and waited.  Hoping that someone, anyone would come along.


So there you have it.  Three short stories all based on the theme of ‘Reaching Out’ (or not be able to reach out in one case) They are about three different people all of whom share one or two things in common.(apart from a need to either reach out or have someone reach out to them)

Actually the stories don’t readily identify what the three characters all have in common but that’ ok because I can tell you…

They are all folk who experience poor mental health and who blog about their mental health.

Why not take a moment to read those short stories again and this time, knowing that they all experience mental health issues and are fellow bloggers look at their situations not in respect of the physical but the mental and the emotional.

Recognize those situations?  Perhaps previously or even currently in your own life or the lives of other fellow mental health bloggers?

The fact is that any one of us could be ‘Peter’ feeling as if we are going under and desperately trying to find some hope.  Likewise any one of us could be ‘Claire’ suddenly hit by depression and not seeing anyway out of it so reaching out blindly in the darkness.  And in the same way any one of us could be ‘Samantha’ feeling like we are ‘on the edge’ and not knowing what way to turn.

The fact is also that we are so many of us bloggers or readers who know what those feelings are like, aren’t we?

So which one are you?  Are you a Peter or a Claire or a Samantha?  Which one were you a month ago, and the month before that, and the week before that?

Perhaps right now you are neither of them?  Perhaps right now you are coping well?

Perhaps right now you can be the person they can reach out to or who will reach out to them?

Yes, I have to be honest and admit that my heart is troubled today.  Actually it has been troubled for a few days now.  So I thought I would tell you three extremely short stories all based on the theme of ‘reaching out’ and in the process encourage us all to reach out to each other.

Many already do and that is great, but many don’t.  Perhaps you feel you have little to offer of any worth?  Perhaps you are frightened of being rejected or of messing up?  All of these things are natural, but the truth is that we all have something of worth to offer – our time and our compassion.

So how about it?  If you don’t already do it, how about next time you read a blog you just take a minute or two to hit ‘like’ if you liked it, or to leave a comment and let the person know they are not alone and someone out there is listening.?

Some weeks back I started the Mental Health Writers’ Guild in the hope of providing a community for those of us who write about Mental Health.  If you sometimes write about Mental Health, how about checking it out and if you have not already done so, why not join us?

May is Mental Health month in America, how about we use this month to reach out to each other?