Before going to bed last night and trying (and failing miserably) to sleep I posted one of my ‘Hm. Funny Word It Is‘ posts.

Actually the word I chose was ‘Kenophobia’ – the fear of open or empty spaces.

This gave rise to a comment which then gave rise to a whole night’s (well what did you expect? I was unable to sleep and had to occupy my mind with something.) consideration of phobias.

My blogging buddy magicallymad from Not Quite Dead asked a question or two about a fear of blank pages and a fear of being empty of heart.

I could think of no actual label for either of these phobias. So I decided to have some fun with them. (Yeah, yeah, ok I decided to have some nerdy geeky fun with them.)

The fear of hearts is ‘Cardiophobia’ but that, if it is even recognized, (which often depends on which body or organization you ask) would be more applicable to the heart as an organ.

Since the original question was about being ’empty of heart’ I guessed that this was about a fear of having a loss of feeling or emotions.

Generally speaking the lack of feelings and emotions is commonly known as Apathy.

So since we needed to create a new term for the fear of having a loss of or lack of emotions and feelings an educated created term would have to, I think, be ‘Apathephobia’.

‘Apathephobia’ uses a combination of the word apathy/apathetic (taken from the Greek words ‘apatheia’ – freedom from suffering, impassability, want of sensation, and ‘pathos’ – emotion, feeling, suffering) and phobia the Greek word for fear.

So there you have it a newly created term for having a fear of loosing all feelings/emotions – ‘Apathephobia.’

Now in respect of a fear of a blank page again I am not aware of there being a recognized name for it.

Certainly if the fear is related just to the emptiness (of the page) Kenophobia would be close.

But if the fear of the blank page comes from the place of a writer and his or her fear of not being able to actually write anything, then that particular fear might be closer to ‘Kakorrhaphiaphobia’ – The fear of failure or defeat.

So just for fun (ok just for nerdy geeky fun) and since we had already created a new term for one fear it seemed ok to create another new term for another fear.

The Greek word for ‘writing’ is ‘Graph’. So combining that with the already cited term for fear of failure or defeat ‘Kakorrhaphiaphobia’ we came up with the term ‘Kakorrhaphiographophobia’ – the fear of not being able to write. Lol.

So there you have it!

Next time you sit at your computer screen and stare at a blank window not really sure what to write and you start to panic that you just won’t be able to write anything you will at least have a name for that fear. (albeit one I made up lol.)


Oh and by the way did you know that the fear of long words is ‘Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia’.

Now I am no expert here  but it does seem kind of mean to me giving the fear of long words a name which is itself a really long word!  I mean can you imagine it…..

Patient:   “Doctor, Doctor, I have a fear of really long words.”

Doctor: “Oh that is called ‘Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia’.

Patient:  Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!