Now if there is one passion listed within my Passions Profile Challenge List which clearly demonstrates that I am very old-fashioned in some ways it is my passion for and my beliefs concerning language.

As a writer and blogger words are extremely important to me and the correct use of them equally as important.

I love words and the way that they are so often used to communicate the most inspirational messages.   It is one of the reasons I started the ‘Hm. Funny Word It Is‘ feature on this blog,

As an artist I love pictures too and in this I am extremely blessed nd I love it when the two are combined.

I even love foreign languages I am just no good at them.

As a child at school I struggled to learn new languages – it was compulsory in my school and I wish I had tried harder but something in my head just didn’t seem able to retain foreign languages adequately and what with my worsening mental health that inability has only  grown more apparent.  That is not to say that I don’t still appreciate them or find them extremely interesting.

But my true love lies with the language that I grew up with – English.  I am keenly interested in its development, history, application and construct and words fascinate me.


What saddens me greatly however, is how language is so often pulled apart and assaulted in the name of ‘progress’ and as a result of the seemingly ever-increasing compulsion towards ‘immediacy’ and ‘ease’. Or as I see them (donning my grumpy old git hat once more) ‘impatience’ and ‘laziness’.

Sometimes, when receiving a text message on my mobile phone or on Facebook, it is as if you need to invest in a Textspeek-English dictionary in order to understand it.

I sit there reading and re-reading messages trying to work out what the person sending the message is actually trying to say to me.

I pray to God that doctors never take up the practice of texting medical examination and test results to their patients.  Because I am convinced I will die of a typo.

Now don’t get me wrong here, I am not an old fuddy duddy – (Please send comments and observations to the contrary on a postcard to ‘Grumpy Old Git’ @ ‘Who are you trying to kid’, Ireland please) – I use computer regularly and extensively and when doping so I have no problem with LOL and the such.  But why is it that no one seems to take time to write words in full any more?

I once had a friend (yes I know that seems hard to believe) and his name was Ian.  But when ever he signed his name on anything that wasn’t formal he would just put ‘I’.

I was like, “Are you kidding me?  Your name is three letters long!  Are you really too busy to write the other two letters?  Or do you consider using the extra ink needed in order to write the other two letters in your name to be exorbitant?”  LOL.

I understand and indeed appreciate the way that languages evolve and it interests me greatly how words can change meanings and indeed suddenly become, in some circumstances, the very opposite of what they used to mean.

For example – wicked used to mean something bad. Now it is often used to mean something really good.

But, as I said above, I truly believe that language should inspire and educate not addle or stifle the brain.

One of the greatest pleasures I get from reading other blogger’s work is the veritable (that one was put there just for magicallymad) cornucopia of different words and expressions that they offer.

When I read something I like to be challenged.  I love coming across new words and having to reach for a dictionary to see if my albeit educated guess at its meaning was correct.  Not search on eBay for a cheap ‘enigma machine‘ (oops there I go showing my age again) just so I can work out what code the person is using in order to communicate with me!

So there you have it why I am passionate about language and including my rants about the my pet peeves when it comes to language.  (Did you notice how reserved and self-controlled I was by not mentioning bad or profane language?)

I really am passionate about words and language and (despite the rantings and ‘grumpy old git’ impersonation above) and not inflexible when the English language is adopted or adapted.  Afterall I write blogs here on WordPress and despite being thoroughly English I accept the fact that I have to Americanize the words that I use in order for the in-built spell-checker not to pounce on me.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this “Day Nine’s” entry on the Passions Profile Challenge and dealing with number 12 on my list and I look forward to all your comments and feedback.

Do you feel the same way?  Are you convinced that I am just a grumpy old git after all?

And I leave you with one final graphic…