I wonder, purely as a matter of interest, how many others have problems with runaway thoughts?

Now let me clarify things here and perhaps dispel a popular myth in the process.

See I am a guy – no silly that isn’t the popular myth I was talking about! – and yet I can (despite the popular myth about guys not being able to multi-task) very easily multi-task.  Actually I am nearly always multi-tasking!

Other than when my mind goes into melt-down or the depression is so bad that my ability to function crashes of course.

It is how my brain works and trust me irritates the begeebees out of some folk.

I often have numerous programs running on my computers at the same time.  Will very often read a book and watch television at the same time AND enjoy and get the storyline perfectly well for both.

If I am not reading whilst watching I will watch numerous channels by flicking back and forth and still enjoy each of the programs (often more so that if I just sit and watch one)

Whilst on Skype or on the phone I often hold a perfectly good conversations whilst writing out a blog, filling in a form, designing a website or writing a book.  (Providing of course the people I am talking to are also good at conversations.)

BUT when I try to do one thing at a time I find my mind wanders off in all types of directions.  And that is really annoying!

Another thing that I have noticed is that my mind works in such a way that my thoughts often run ahead of themselves.  This happens when I am typing a blog or a chapter in a book.

What happens is this.  I will be typing and as I type a paragraph my mind is usually almost dictating the rest of the story or article to me.

Now I type pretty fast but often not fast enough to keep up with my mind so as I am typing my mind is pre-writing the story in my head, word for word, and then I suddenly notice that I have jumped from the part I was typing to a paragraph or two ahead from the story in my mind.

It is so annoying and I get so frustrated with myself that I often feel like just giving up !

Likewise it happens when I am writing letters.  I will be writing a sentence and as I am, doing so I am rehearsing in my head the rest of the paragraph and suddenly realize that even half way through a word I have gone straight into a different word several words on in the script I have rehearsed in my mind.

So I thought that I would put that out there and see if any of you experience similar things?

I really would be interested in your comments.  Thanks.