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Well I am so encouraged and so blessed by having taken this challenge so far!

I am also extremely encouraged by other blogging friends who have taken up the challenge.

Cate over at Infinite Sadness or what? has taken up the challenge and I am so interested in her responses to it.

Additionally Eileen over at But She’s Crazy has today told me that Cate has inspired her to also take up the challenge and although I have only just become acquainted with her work I am keen to follow her responses and approach to it.

So I really do want to encourage you to pop over and check out how they are getting on with the challenge and to consider taking it up for yourself.

So since I am so encouraged by what Cate and Eileen have shared I thought I would share an update come review on my own progress with this Passions Profile Challenge

Day One – Handwriting.

As well as committing to hand writing several letters myself I also wanted to encourage others to consider writing by hand and even investing in a decent fountain pen.

A friend’s daughter recently got baptized and she had before mentioned that he liked my handwriting and had asked me what pen I used. So as a little baptism gift and by way of encouragement I put together a little writing box.

The Writing Box consisted of an A4 flip top designer box

Inside the box I placed a stock of A4 sheets of really nice Pink Parchment Paper and matching Pink Parchment Paper Envelopes plus nice Parker Pen set of Ball point pen, Propelling pencil and Fountain pen, with her name engraved on it and an additional matching Fountain pen with her name on it and with a calligraphy nib and some ink cartridges.

I have to tell you that she was delighted with it and that made it all the more special.  I really think this makes a wonderful gift for any little girl (or even little boys with the right style of box and paper etc) old enough to be interested in writing letters and having pen pals.

Day Two – Music

In accordance with Day Two’s music Passion I spent the day listening to music and posted three you tube videos of songs that really meant a lot to me for different reason.  But I also extended this and instead of going to my normal ‘goto’ music and playing it in the background whilst sitting at my computer I have played all my old albums and have really enjoyed the songs and the memories attached to them.

Music can be great for that can’t it?

Day Three – Writing & Story Telling

Day three started off with my writing a short story based on my childhood and my experiences of having poor mental health as a child. It was something that I wasn’t sure I really wanted to write it let alone publish it but I m really glad that I did.

I also made a commitment to myself to start editing the books that I have written and which I have not yet edited.  Additionally I have committed to writing the chapter synopses, character profiles and such necessary before publishing them.

[As a writer I tend to write the stories without breaking the flow to write character profiles and the such.]

I have not committed to sending this set off for publishing yet despite pressure to do so. But hey who knows.

Day Four – My Family.

Yesterday I wrote about my biological family and why I am so passionate about my family.  I also shared a little of how my mental health had affected my relationships with my family and how committed I was to repairing those relationships.

In response to that, and since part of the challenge is not only to list your passions but to spend some time exploring and reconnecting with them, I wrote a whole load of letters to my family members – siblings, nieces, nephews, great-nieces ad great-nephews (some of which I have hardly even spoken to before) and I am really pleased that I did so.

Just what will come of it I have no idea but I am so very pleased that I took the time to do this.

Conclusion and Round-up.

So all in all this Passions Profile Challenge has already proven to be very rewarding and extremely interesting.

Some parts were easier than others and it is certainly true that some of the things that I have already done have the potential to bring ew growth as well as having the potential to bring new hurts.  But then don’t most things which are worth while come with a certain amount of potential risk or disappointment.

I am only a third of the way through this challenge, but did want to share what has hjappened so far and I hope you have enjoyed reading it and have been encouraged.