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Today I am going to explore number 5 on my Passions Profile which is Music.

I said on my original Passions Profile that, “I love music and believe it to be such an awesome communicator.” and I truly believe that to be the case.

I then went on to say that I believed it to be a communicator which “is able to penetrate barriers, cross voids and connect people.”

So I thought I would share three songs with you today which truly communicate something to me and which I am confident will also speak to others.

I have chosen these three songs not only for their message and/or their beauty but because, whilst I have a fairly wide and eclectic taste in music these three songs represent the kinds of music I tend to listen to the most.

So let’s get on with the songs.

My first offering for you is on Michael Kiwanuka’s recently released ‘Home Again’ album and is his song of the same name – “Home Again”

Michael Kiwanuka is a British soul musician and singer/songwriter who is signed to Communion records and is in my opinion both up and coming and already arrived within the British soul music field.

Having recently just learnt of him I have two of his albums and they are already very well-played. This particular song, just as with many of his songs, I can really relate to.  The lyrics for this song “Home Again” can be found here if you would like to read them but please enjoy this YouTube example of his work. (This also shows the lyrics)

By the way, you can visit his blog and listen to more of his work here.

The second song I would like to share with you is slightly different but one which really means a lot to me personally.  It is Katherine Jenkins singing ‘Requiem For A Soldier’ (aka the theme to ‘Band of Brothers’).

One of my other interests of late has been that of tracing my family tree and through this I have become aware of relatives who gave their lives during conflicts.  I love this song and hope you enjoy it also. (The lyrics for this one can be found here)

The third and final song I would like to share with you reflects both my own personal struggles and my faith in Christ.  Many of you know about both my personal struggles and the fact that I am a Christian and I have to tell you that without my faith I really don’t believe I would still be here today.

This song is on that I play when the darkness tries to consume and the suicidal thought try to compel me.  I play and yes often sing it to recognize and speak out my personal struggles but to do so in the mindset and acknowledgement that what I go through is nothing compared to what Christ has been through and that He has already paid the price that I owed and that He is always with me and knows all that I am going through.

It is the song ‘Find Me In The River’ written and performed here by the (now disbanded) group Delirious..

In my original Passions Profile explanation of this I mentioned that, “I truly believe it (music) can inspire us and lift us from the depths of sorrow to the height of joy.” and certainly that song does that for me.  But I also mentioned that, “as is often the case I think if used badly it (music) can be harmful too.”

I think this is certainly true if you suffer from  poor mental health.  There has, in terms of physical health, long since been a recognition that in many ways we are impacted by what we allow into our bodies. I would very much suggest that what we allow into our minds also impacts us and I truly believe that music can have as harmful an effect as it can a healthy effect.

Personally I know that fast, repetitive, heavy beat music can seriously impact my mood and my thought processing abilities and also know that depressive music can cause my mood to deteriorate and even crash.  Likewise there are certain songs which, as some on with a history of self-harming, I need to avoid just as there is certain imagery that I try to avoid.

So there you have it.  I am having a music day today.  No, or next to no TV just lots of good helpful and positive music and who knows I might even listen to some old albums from my younger days 🙂

Feel free to let m know what you thought of the songs and I hope you enjoyed them 🙂