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Well it is now 3 in the morning and once again I am up and cannot sleep.

Now I am no expert in either Chronobiology or body clocks for that matter but I am pretty sure my body clock is broked!  LOL.

Last night  I sat up till 5.30ish this morning finishing what was then the latest book in the series that I am writing and then I published a quick post and then went to bed and lay there until mid-morning waiting for a call to come through.

I think I finally fell asleep about 11ish and the call finally came through about 1.30 so sleep was not my friend once again.  I have written on my problems with this before and we even  had a poll on the correlation between Bipolar Disorder and Sleep patterns (the results of which can be viewed here) and I am convinced that there is a link.  (Come to think of it my problems with sleep also featrued as the basis of this post.)

I am also convinced that in terms of my own personal sleep patterns they tend to have a very specific and fragile orbit around my lifestyle and the minute that changes that orbit is thrown off.  Last night I was up most of the night and tonight the same is repeated.  Not by a choice not to sleep (as in last night) but by an inability to sleep.

On a more positive note, not being able to sleep and having ended the book I was writing on a cliff-hanger, I have tonight started writing the next and possibly the final book in the series.

I was thinking of writing a completely different book first – one dealing with many childhood issues – but it seems that will have to wait. (Or possibly I could write them both at the same time – hm now that is an idea).

Perhaps I will try to sleep again soon and use the next fw days to get back on track.  ONe of the ironies of that darned sleep orbit/pattern of mine being that whilst it is so easy to throw off track it is very difficult to get back on track it seems.

Hm I wonder if anyone else has the same difficulties?