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Responding to a suggestion from one of our members (thanks Candida) I thought I would bring the whole subject of the DSM-5 up for discussion by our members.

Now being someone who lives in Ireland but who is by nationality English and being from a military family the collective initials DSM speaks to me of the Distinguished Service Medal, awarded for meritorious service to military personnel in the UK and by other countries (USA, Australia, Ireland, Mexico etc) to their military personnel.

But no, this being a mental health blog, the collective initials ‘DSM’ in this context is one used by the ‘American Psychiatric Association’ (APA) referring to their ‘Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders’ and the ‘-5’ part refers to the soon to be published and highly observed, discussed and anticipated 5th edition of this publication.

A publication which is claimed will happen in May 2013 and which…

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