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Now there are two words that are sometimes treated as if they are bad words in this world today.

But for those of us who have problems with our mental health and especially if you are like me and have problems with memory and bouts of confusion if not episodes of chaotic thoughts ‘structure and discipline’ are essential.


It’s the framework that holds everything together isn’t it?

Without our bone structures, our skeletons, we would be a quivering mess and without definable form.  (Hm aren’t I like that anyway sometimes?)

I am a very big guy, obese and way out of condition and in many places you would be hard pressed to locate a bone without the aid of x-rays.  You know they are there and in your head you have a rough idea of what my skeleton might look like but in your eyes the picture is very different.

Life, our time, and how we use it, can be like that can’t it?  The more we identify and closer we remain to that framework, that structure, the better and healthier it often is.  Especially when it comes to my mental health it seems.

But of course doing so, requires attention, effort, discipline.


As a child I was disciplined by my parents.  Sometimes well, sometimes badly and sometimes in the wrong way.

[Hey no parent is perfect and I am certainly not having a pop at my parents here.]

But discipline, the right kid of discipline is important isn’t it?  Certainly it is important if we need or want to stay close or true to that structure.

In an ideal world the older we get the less we need others to discipline us and the more we discipline ourselves.

Of course poor mental health can remove or reduce our ability to be self-disciplined and thus even as adults we sometimes need others to encourage us or discipline us in the right ways.  I freely admit my failings or weaknesses or inabilities in this regard and freely accept my need for the right kind of help when it comes to being disciplined.  Not the wrong kind of course 🙂

Order is the opposite of chaos.  In fact chaos is in many ways the absence of order.  Thus, if you do have chaos to one degree or another in your life, introducing order is a way of impacting that chaos in much the same way that darkness is in many ways the absence of light and thus the introduction of light impacts darkness.

Those of you who have been following this blog will know that I started writing novels again recently and in fact I am about a chapter (possibly two) away from completing the latest one.  This is incredible and extremely encouraging for me given the difficulties I have had in the past.  BuT it comes at a cost and whilst it is no major cost or no great cost I do recognize that cost.  And that cost has been that other things have fallen by the wayside for a while.

Nothing so important that it is terribly detrimental for them not to have ben done but still things which I wanted to and should have done.

In truth I do not know if my focussing so relentlessly on writing the book is as a result of the obsessive part of my mental illness or whether it is the result of joy at being able to write again after so long without being able to.  (Much the same way as a man coming out of the desert who has gone without water for days and days will try to gulp it down.)

But what I do know is that regardless of the motivation for my having obsessed about the writing of this book I do need to take another look at the structure of my life and to put things back in their proper place and proper priorities.

Our structures, our framework, our skeletons work extremely well because all the pars interconnect properly and serve a function.  So too, or so it seems to me, should it be with our schedules and timetables and structures in respect of the employment of our time.

So that is what I intend to be doing tomorrow.  Re-looking at my schedule, my structure, the skeleton of my week and reorganizing it and putting all the parts back in the right order.

I will then be asking those who are nearest and dearest to me and who care for me to help me keep to it.