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Well I did manage to spend some time out of bed today and also managed to do a couple of things around the house.

Although not as much as I would have liked and I also managed to write some more of the book.

Not an easy task when your mind is getting progressively worse as the day passes and when your fingers are feeling the cold.

And I have to say boy were they cold and Man did it suddenly get cold here today!  Although thankfully the threatened snow has not yet arrived.

The day started off enjoyable but the voices were at me a little this morning.

By the end of the day, (Which is when I am writing this) they are just constantly at me and affording me no respite.

But that is how, well for me at least, they seem to operate sadly and it seems so very hard to get people to understand that.  Something happens and the voices which are there but no aggressively so, seem to change character and intent and they become very vocal and very aggressive in their approach.

So I find myself still fatigued and indeed now mentally fried not to mention also being somewhat disheartened yet again.

Still tomorrow is another day and I at least have the relative sanctity of my bed to look forward to tonight and hopefully a little warmth as well.

Night all.