Well today has been a better day thankfully.

I managed to get up and to spend some time out of bed and although I am still extremely tired did manage to accomplish so things today.

I recorded and uploaded some poems to Deep From Within my poetry blog.  Which I have been wanting to do for some time now and am so very pleased that I managed to do this.

I also managed to finish writing a post on this blog which I have been thinking about writing (and in fact attempting to write) for a few days now.

Sadly I was either physically too fatigued or mentally too tired to get it to come out right until today.

Other than that I have done very little but small steps are often the best steps on the road to recovery.

Sadly I didn’t manage to do any chores or housework today but given the state of my health that is a good thing and at least it demonstrates that I am exercising some form of wisdom at least.

I am going back to bed soon as I am trying not to overdo things, but at least when I do go back to bed I can so fairly contented at what I have been able to achieve