Well since my computer has been really struggling of late I decided it was time to get either a memory upgrade or a new laptop.

A real God-send is that the memory upgrade didn’t cost as much as I at first thought and ended up being a gift as well as a Godsend – which I am so very grateful for.

So this morning the memory upgrade that I had ordered arrived and within minutes was carefully installed within its new home.  Although I kind of feel sorry for the old memory which is now sat looking all forlorn on my study desk.

LOL Hmm I wonder if it will fit in my old laptop?  Now that would be an interesting thing to try.

I have to tell you that at the moment my laptop seems to be running so much better and although it is still early days and too soon to really tell what difference it will make, I am fairly optimistic.

I of course have been running CCleaner – a free cleanup program – on my computer for months now and whilst this has helped and is always a good thing to have and use regularly in my opinion, the new memory was essential.

Why can’t I have a memory implant or upgrade?  Seriously now.  My brain doesn’t work properly either and whilst I really do try to run and psychological cleaner on my brain regularly – aren’t are blogs in some way a cleanup process? – it doesn’t always seem to improve things too much.

Is having a memory implant or upgrade such a mad-cap idea?

After all don’t we already know that the hippocampus (and no that is not the latin name for a place where hippopotami live in tents or go to college) is integral to our memory functions?

Well what if it wasn’t such a madcap or such an unrealistic idea?

Here’s an interesting concept for you.  What if there really was a memory implant that you could get.  Would you get one?

Well the possibility may not be as far away as you might think.  According to this article on medgadget a scientist one, Theodore Berger, professor of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering, is developing what is essentially an implant which enhances and restores memory formation.

You can read all about it in this article on which as I mentioned before appeared on the medgadget site and certainly it makes for interesting reading and an interesting prospect for the future.

According to the article these have already been tested on rats and indeed in a joint study with Wake Forest University, experiments demonstrated that an early prototype of the artificial hippocampus works in the brains of rats.

( Ok so now I just have a picture in my head of a load of older statesman like rats sitting round drinking coffee and chatting about the good old days.)

Obviously I understand and can appreciate the potential benefits such a device could have (as pointed out in the article) in respect of sufferers of such tragic illnesses as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

But I have to tell you that, even with all the problems that I have with my memory and even with all the regrets and sadness that I have as a result of the memories that I just don’t seem to be able to access, – even if they do still remain somewhere.  I am just not sure that I would want to have such a thing inside of my head.

After all, what is to stop them from building a wireless interface into it which allowed others to access your memories?  Now how’s that for a statement worthy of launching a million paranoias and forming the basis of many future conspiracy theories?  So if this ever does happen and things do turn out to be sinister remember you heard the warnings here first lol.

But actually on a slightly more realistic level I would be so scared of the whole thing crashing and my losing what little memory I do have.  Trust me when your memory starts to go you begin to value what is left on a much deeper level.

But who knows.  It is certainly a fascinating concept and maybe sometime in the future I would even consider it.  Although knowing my luck I would probably get stuck with an old cast off – one previously used on rats.

So if in the future all of my posts seem to be about cheese 0r my compulsive adventures running around mazes.  You will know what has happened. 🙂