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Last night was a bad night for me.

I have them a lot it seems but fo some reason last night was one of the more severe bad nights.

Unable to sleep but momentarily and yet exceptionally tired I just lay there trying to stop my mind from going to  places it really shouldn’t go.  My mind does that when I am at my weakest.  It takes advantage of the situation and knows that by doing so it can have the last laugh.

Even so I am happy that I managed to get through it relatively unscathed.

Today of course it mean that I was so very tired.  On top of the bad night there the fact that the clocks went forward here in Ireland last night and so we lost an hours sleep and on top of that I am still trying to fight off this flu.  Something I have now had for two weeks dag nab it.

Even so I did manage to have a productive day today.  I did a lot of work on computer files which I have been meaning to sort out of late.  I managed to write another chapter in the book that I am writing and I also manged to mop all th way through my home.

On a really positive note, my son came round this afternoon and gave me a haircut.  This always tends to lift my spirits a little and at least I feel as if I look somewhat human again even if I don’t feel very human.

This evening I am going to have an early night and see if I can’t get some energy for tomorrow as there are things I want to achieve tomorrow also.

Who knows perhaps I will experience a miraculous healing tonight and this darned flu will be gone by morning.

Hey we can all hope can’t we?

I wonder where my mind will take me tonight?