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lol Now how’s that for a dramatic title?

Ok so here is what actually happened…

As many of you know I have been particularly unwell for about a week now I guess.  Some sort of flu or something which has really kicked my butt and has had me laid up in bed most of the week.

Thankfully on Saturday I did feel a little better, which was a good thing since I had exhausted all my provisions and desperately needed to go out and get a few bits.

Saturday of course was St. Patrick’s Day and since I live in Ireland it is a very big day over here with lots of parades and things and so I took my camera out with me and managed to get a lot of shots of the parade before doing my shopping.

By the time I was back at home I was near fit to drop and so I made something to eat, fed my wonderful TJ dog and then got into bed for the rest of the day.

Sunday I was feeling much stronger again and was hopeful that actually I was at the end of this last episode of sickness.

[Some of you might recall that I suffer from, among other things, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome but what you might not know is that the type I have is Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome which seems to mean that if there is anything nasty going around I am very likely to catch it.]

But as I say, in respect of this last episode this flu that I have I seemed to be getting better and indeed Sunday I was up and out of bed nearly all day, blogging and writing and doing some other stuff.  I still had the blocked and draining sinuses and indeed the cough but still felt an improvement.

Likewise, yesterday I was also still feeling better although I did notice that there were more sporadic episodes of coughing and indeed my sinuses had stopped draining and I was completely blocked up.  Even so I decided to stay up and work in my study for the best part of the day and to just hope that it would soon clear.

By yesterday evening however I could take it no more.  I was so fed up with being blocked up and struggling to breath.  So I grabbed a hanky and had a good blow.  (Ok now see where this piece and the title are going?)

Whilst one of my ears popped I have to say very little else happened and so I tried again but this time blowing a lot harder.

WOW!  Never in all of my life have I reacted so badly or experienced what happened next!

Both of my ears popped and then my whole world (or so it seemed) started spinning at a sped I cannot even begin to explain.  Simultaneously I felt like I was being pulled to the floor by an incredible force and had to grab hold of the arms of the office chair I was sitting in.  And I don’t mind telling you that the resultant feeling of confusion and nausea were indescribable.

After a few minutes I managed to call for help and within but a few minutes from that call my son, bless him, had driven round and was putting me to bed.

What happened after that I just can’t tell you as I was out for the count before my son had even left the house in order to go home.

Will I be doing that again in a hurry?  Nope not at all!

Thankfully I am up and out of bed again today and although I do still feel worse than I did on Saturday I am determined to beat this thing.