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Ok so it is official.  I have now had more restarts than a cheap laptop with a dodgy version of Windows 3.1 on it.

But the good news is that sometimes any restart is a blessing.  See it is all about how you look at these things.

Are you a ‘glass half empty’ kind of person or a ‘glass half full’ kind of person?  Personally I am an “Ok. Which one of you pesky kids drank half my drink!” kind of person.

So having been laid up in bed sick all week I finally got to the stage where I just had to get up as I had no food, which is admittedly a state of affairs which I often will just ignore for a couple of days, and no dog food for TJ my dog.  Which is a state of affairs I will never just ignore.

So today I just had to get up and go into town and get poor old TJ (my Dog and faithful companion) some food.  Oh and I got myself some too Hehe.

Actually this coincided with St. Patrick’s Day here in Ireland and since the local parade was due to be held about the same time that I was du to be shopping I took my camera along with me and snapped a whole load of random shots of the parade.

Keen that my kids should get to see them I have uploaded them all on my Facebook page but here (if I have done it right) are a selection of them in a slide show for all you folks who are following this blog.

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[Hm.  Not sure why the slide show also included the two previous images?  Perhaps I am doing something wrong – sorry about that.]

Actually I have to admit that I really wasn’t looking forward to going into town today and to be perfectly honest I really shouldn’t have gone since it really has taken a great deal out of me.  Especially standing for so long watching the parade and taking pictures.

But even so, I am so very pleased that I did and at the end of the day I really did need the shopping.  Additionally, being sensible for once, (yes I know that can be a little out of character for me) I did do as I was told and come home and after putting the shopping away and feeding TJ, I went back to bed for a while.

So all in all it has been a very good day.  I managed to get out of the house for a bit.  Pick up some shopping, feed my faithful companion TJ and also get some rest.  All of that really pleases me but I have to tell you that whilst all that pleases me, there is something else that pleases me even more.

This evening I started writing again!

(Cue: Fanfare! Chariots zipping past flying banners! Fireworks launched from civil buildings!)

Ok so perhaps it isn’t that much of a big deal to anyone else, but it really is a big deal to me and I am pretty sure that my kids will be pleased.

Many moons back I started telling my kids a bed-time story and they asked me if I could write it down for them so that they could keep it and read it when I wasn’t available.

That led to the writing of the first of what has now grown to be 8 full novels in the series but sadly as my mental health worsened, so too did my memory and focus and I have been unable to continue the series.

But that was then and this was now.  Is my memory better?  Not really, well not a whole lot, but I figure I can work around that if I am careful. Is my focus better?  Actually I think it is getting a little clearer. And here’s the deal.  I figure I can either sit there and let this whole series just die and never end it or I can try to combat the difficulties and see what happens.

So this evening I started writing it again.  Book Nine in the series and I am delighted.

Actually I had started writing the first chapter of book nine already it seems.  But when I went to it I noticed that it needed a fair few changes made to it.  Which isn’t surprising being as it was at that point in the book’s writing that I really did notice my mental health, memory and focus had deteriorated so badly.

But I changed it.  Some 5 years (if the book’s date is to be believed and I have no reason not too) after I stopped writing it I have now started writing it again and I have already re-written a lot of Chapter One and newly written almost all of Chapter Two.

How will I get on with it?  Will it make any sense?  Will the kids enjoy it?  Will my mental health hold up long enough for me to actually finish it?  Who knows.  But hey at least I am trying and that had got to be a good thing.