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As a Christian I tend to listen mainly, but not exclusively, to Christian music.

I think this stemmed primarily from my being one of the worship leaders in the church that I attended and thus always being on the look out for music that was suitable for use at church.

Outside of that, I have always had a love of many different types of music and I personally believe that music can communicate in a way that no other medium is able to. Not only, but especially when that music speaks into something so close and personal to your own experience.

It is therefore not surprising that Laura Marling’s My Manic and I should do just that for me.


Born in Eversley in Hampshire Laura Beatrice Marling is an English folk singer whose music is without doubt music that speaks to me.

The combination of her crystal clear voice along with what I can only describe to be a leaning towards the avant-garde when it comes to subject matter and indeed presentation, appeals to me greatly.

There is something hauntingly familiar about her work even though it is in many ways perfectly original. I cannot help thinking, as I listen to many of her other works, that perhaps there is some influence from the private Quaker school (or at least the belief systems behind it) within much of her work.

Either way, her work does speak to me and especially (but not exclusively) this particular song. I should also perhaps mention that I chose this particular version because of the video that it features.