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“What am I doing you ask?”

“This afternoon I am once again sat alone in my study thinking.”

“Sorry, What’s that?”  “My study?”  “Oh it is just another word for an office.  Terribly English in application but no doubt French in origin and almost antiquated in presence I find it much warmer in invitation than to say I am sat in my office.”

“What am I thinking about?”  “Well about belonging really.”

“What or whom do I belong to?”  “Well that, my dear friend, is the very nature of my reflections really.”

“I guess, if I am honest, I belong to you.  Not in terms of any ownership you understand.  Humans, like prayers, should never be limited to the ownership of mere mortals but should instead be the loving expression of God himself.”

“But yes I belong to you in as much as we are connected.”

“What’s that?  Connected? How are we connected?”

“Well through our hearts and our minds, our hopes, our fears, our experiences, our dreams and our love.”

“Our wounds and our scars?”

“Yes through our wounds and our scars as well, but also through our healings, we can not forget our healings.”

“What about whom?  All those who just don’t seem to belong?  Yes I belong to them also,  just as they, like me, all belong to God.”

“Excuse me?”  “Oh.”  “If we all belong to God then why do they, and I, all too often feel like we just don’t belong anywhere?”

“Because my dear friend, as humans we all too often neglect to express either our love or our prayers or indeed to reach out to either each other or to God.”

“Yes of course we do. And what is more I can prove it.”

“Yes I certainly can. Because this afternoon I am once again sat alone in my study thinking and you, my dear friend, are the conversation I am having with myself.”