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Sometime in the wee small hours of this morning – that period when the night and the morning are arguing whose shift it is and neither one is willing to give in to the other – I awoke from what I can only describe as being something close to a full-blown nightmare but not quite a full-blown nightmare.

Remaining still for a little while and giving both my body and my eyes fair warning that I was actually awake and would therefore possibly require the use of them, I then rolled over to look at the clock on the laptop next to my bed.

Sadly my eyes had failed to hear my warning or at very least to heed it and so were still out playing, along with my ability to focus.  Additionally the little clock in the corner of the laptop screen was far too small for my purposes at that time.

But I do know that it really was so very early indeed as I had left the television on and a particularly gory episode of a pathology-based crime thriller was showing on the television.  (Hm that at least identifies the source 0f my dream come nightmare).

Showing on the screen of my laptop however were all the emails that I had received since going to sleep and since the font size was just about large enough to read in my ‘not quite fully functioning state’ I glanced through them before rolling back over and trying to return to my slumber.

“Oh wow!  Another award!”  was, I think, the last thought that went through my head before sleep and I became one and everything else became but nothing in the context of my awareness.

Waking up this morning  I got up, washed and dressed and then went to check what I thought I had read last night.  It was after all entirely possible that what I had read was a comment on a blog written by someone else and which I myself had previously commented on and to which I had requested to be advised of any follow-up comments.

It was therefore such a blessing to confirm that what I had read was not on someone else’s blog but was on this one and that I had indeed been awarded the Liebster Blog Award.

What makes it even more special to me was that the award was given by Fractured Angel of the “The Mirth of Despair Blog” as I really do enjoy and respect her work and frequently pop across to read what she has shared. (Hm I really must remember to use the ‘Follow’ feature as that would make things so much easier)

In accordance with the rules of this award I in turn have to nominate five other blogs which I rate or respect and so here are my five…

Seasons Change, and Change.

Is a blog run by a blogger whose personal battle through mental illness and whose personal faith I have, through her blog, had the honor to observe for a while now.  Unpretentious, honest and at time gritty I enjoy her writings and her approach to life.

bi[polar] curious

Often presenting alternative aspects and perspectives especially on Bipolar Disorder but also many other things, I enjoy the creativity and versatility of this blog.


I haven’t read much on this blog lately, not sure how well the blogger who runs this blog is at this time.  I have visited it but have not seen any new posts for a while now and so am a little concerned, although I remember something about her beig busy for a while.  But it really is a great blog and I really do appreciate what they have to offer.

Manic Muses

An old favourite of mine. Always full of information and encouragement the author of this  blog isn’t afraid to either tell it as it is or to tackle controversial issues.  Well worth a visit in my book!

As The Pendulum Swings.

Yet another favourite of mine. I view this blog with much the same level of respect as I do the ‘Manic Muses’ blog and indeed the ‘The Mirth of Despair’ blog.  As an avid blogger myself I enjoy good, informative, creative and inspirational work and this blog certainly fits that description.

So there you have it – my five nominations.  I should perhaps explain at this time that there are many others that I would willingly nominate but that being limited to just 5 blogs these are my first choice.

I decided not to nominate ‘The Mirth of Despair’ since, although be very deserving of it, they already have this award and they already know how much I appreciate their work.  Additionally I also chose only those blogs that are out there in the public domain and which either directly or indirectly focus on mental health related issues.

I am so very grateful for this award and so encouraged by it.  It is my sincere hope that Fractured Angel knows how much I appreciate both her nomination of me for this award and indeed the work that she does in her blog.

I also hope that those folk whom I have nominated will catch a glimpse of how much I respect and appreciate their work.

Kind Regards.


[More details on the Liebster Award can be found here ]