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This morning I woke up with a song in my head and my heart.

Music can be a wonderful communicator can’t it?

It speaks to our very beings and calls out in many different and sometimes conflicting languages.  – The language of love, hatred, hope, desperation, joy, freedom, slavery, acceptance, rejection,  unity, separation.

Sent out in the form and intent of the musician, the journey it takes can all to often impact it until it is finally received and unwrapped with an appreciation that is commonly impacted – even shaped by; the experiences and circumstances, the hopes and fears, the needs and desires of the recipient.

Have you ever listened to a song, or piece of music, and even though you know that it was written with one meaning in mind, it speaks to you so loudly and clearly of another completely different meaning?

I have.  Actually that has happened many times. So today I thought I would share just one of them with you and especially with my family who have stood by me through thick and thin.

Additionally, I was feeling a little creative today.  But since my hands are still shaky I thought I would make a little video and upload it to my VoicesofGlass channel on Youtube.

I am not sure why the quality of the wording in the film is not great but since this was my first effort at this kind of thing I am quite pleased with it and it is made with love.

You can probably view it by clicking on the arrow below but my recommendation would have to be that if you are interested in viewing this film that you do so on Youtube and in full screen.  The link is here and all those following this piece by email, please be advised that it probably can’t be viewed in email and a trip to Youtube following the above link or to my blog is probably necessary should you want to watch it.  Which I hope you do.

This film is dedicated especially to my family, but also to anyone who suffers from poor mental health or who cares for someone with poor mental health.

In it I use the music and lyrics of the song Through The Barricades by Spandau Ballet.

As far as I am aware the song was originally written about the conflict and barricades of Northern Ireland and a love shared between two lovers of (what were at that time seen to be) opposing faiths.  But to me it also speaks of the love that can be given and received despite the emotional, sociological and psychological barricades and conflict that are often experienced or associated with mental illness and poor mental health.