Following on from the Of Roses, Walls and Towers series I decided to write a piece on my Musings of  Simple Soul blog.  This is a snapshot of that post but you can read the whole thing by visiting my other blog here.

Musings of A Simple Soul

A young girl sat alone in her sadness.  She had fought with the people she loved and was feeling awful and worthless.

As she sat looking at her feet, saddened by what had happened she heard footsteps as a figure approached her.

“What’s the matter?” the figure asked her.

“It doesn’t matter”  She replied, not moving and not really sure that she wanted to share her hurts with a complete stranger.

“Of course it matters”  The figure told her.  “They don’t want you to know it matters but it does matter.”  He added.

“They who?”  She asked still not looking up.

“They anyone, especially those who are meant to care for you and protect you.”  The figure replied.  “IF they accepted that it mattered they would have to accept that they failed you.”

“It’s not them it’s me.”  Her only offering in response as she thought about what he said.

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