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If you read yesterday’s piece and it’s subsequent comments, you may well have noticed that isolation or more specifically my own isolation has become a prominent thought for me of late.

I really do think that this is an important issue for me at the moment and I am quite concerned about it and about how it is effecting me.

So I thought that I would continue my thoughts on this subject and do so in a five-part series (the first part being this introduction) called ‘Of Roses, Walls and Towers’ with the reason for the title hopefully becoming evident by the end of it.

What I am  hoping for is an open and honest dialogue primarily with myself – (hm is that a dialogue or a monologue?) but also with anyone else who wants to get involved – and through this to come to a better understanding of where I am at and how my isolation is actually affecting me.

In this series I also hope to touch on the possible reasons why I have chosen or in many ways been forced into isolation and to consider ways in which these can be redressed.

Who knows, perhaps some of what I consider and share will ring familiar to others reading this and together we can look at ways of addressing this issue in mine and possible our lives.

At this point, if I am totally honest (which I hope to try to be throughout this process), I am just not sure where it will lead me.  Perhaps it will result in my becoming less isolated or perhaps becoming even more so.  All I do really know is that it is an issue that is very much on my mind and very much in my heart and thus I need to respond to it and to do so in a way that is open and honest and that has the potential to invite honest objective and constructive input from others.

But I want to post my ‘colors to the mast’ so to speak right from the get-go and to make it clear that I am a Christian and that my faith is extremely important to me.  Because of this  I don’t think I can fully consider this whole subject without recognizing my faith and indeed the calling on my life and indeed God’s will for me in it all.

I do of course respect the fact that others reading this may not be of the same faith as me and thus may not see this as very relevant or important.  That is of course just as valid a position as my position that it is both relevant and important.  So all I would ask is that in making comments and observations folk simply respect my right to my beliefs as much as I respect their right to theirs.

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