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Yesterday I posted a short piece (Picture Me This) and I asked for your participation.

The piece included a picture and actually that isn’t unusual for me at all.  But unusually on this blog, instead of my finding a picture relevant to the piece I was writing or even my ‘Photoshopping’ [hm is that actually a word?] a picture or three and adding them to the piece,  the picture I posted yesterday was one I had sketched years ago.

For this piece, which is not totally unrelated, I am back to the good old Photoshop process, and like yesterday’s picture (which if you haven’t had a chance to see or to participate in please do) I thought it might be interesting to invite you to participate once again.

Ok. Take a look at your computer clock or your watch and see what time it is.  Cool, thank you.  Now, look at the picture below.  The picture below contains at least one mistake and I wonder if you can readily identify them/it and how long it will take you to do so?

Please feel free to send your answers and how long it took you and how easy or difficult you found it via the comment section below.  Many thanks for participating and also many thanks for participating in yesterday’s ‘Picture Me This‘ piece.

Once again I will be delaying the publishing of answers so that everyone has a fair chance of answering for themselves.

Kind Regards.