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LOL No I have not been invited to take up the role of Romeo and prance around Capulet’s Orchard in tights in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s next performance of Romeo and Juliet. (Now there’s a mental image no one needs to have – me prancing around in tights)

And NO the light is not SOFT!

It is piercing and frustrating and whilst I am very grateful to God for blessing us with the sun and all its radiant light and warmth (much-needed warmth at the moment I might add) when you haven’t slept properly for days, the presence of that light though yonder window can be just a little irritating!

But actually it is a different kind of light that I am thinking of and very much grateful for at the moment.  The light at the end of the proverbial tunnel and hopefully it isn’t just another on-coming train!

Over the past few days a great deal has been happening…

Lots of re-wiring being done in my house – for which I am very grateful and most delighted with the results,

A way too complicated design and printing job that I undertook for one of my neighbors, which is now finished!

Conceptualizing and Designing a new blog – which I have now also finished.

Maintaining a couple of websites.

Trying to sort out my finances.

Trying BUT FAILING MISERABLY to get some sleep!

I think my difficulty with and subsequent lack of sleep is the one aspect of my mental and physical health that I find the most debilitating and harmful of all.  It has far-reaching effects on the rest of my health.  It makes me too tired to exercise and fight my weight problem.  It affects my focus and memory. It affords my mind far too much time to play games or tricks or to explore harmful avenues of thought.

Even the things that I love to do, such as writing and reading my bible, drawing, painting, blogging etc become too great an effort and yet I am so very grateful that I am still able to function to the level I am.

The Bible says ( I think in Psalm 121) that God (he who watches over Israel) “will neither slumber nor sleep”  which is  wonderful assurance for us all but on a slightly more humorous note if He needs someone to chat with in the wee small hours, I am usually awake and available LOL.

Although with my memory, focus and comprehension  impaired the way it normally is when I get this tired, I am not sure how much sense I would make?

I am aware that the bible is not something everyone sets much store by and thus get much comfort from and indeed I do try not to push or to be seen as trying to push my personal faith on others but I will share that one Psalm that always gives me comfort is Psalm 63.

For me it not only recognizes our need but also who is the ultimate source of help and additionally and perhaps just as importantly it reminds me to keep on praising and remaining positive.

My heart goes out to anyone who has difficulty sleeping and I know from some of the comments that I have received and from visiting fellow blogger’s blogs that I am not alone in this difficulty.  As for myself, I am so very tired and yet so very grateful for all that has been happening over the past few days and so very committed to ‘keeping on’ and indeed to strive towards that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

And if it is yet another oncoming train I will just have to leap out of its path!  Let’s just hope that my Romeo tights don’t get caught on something as I am leaping.

Oops there’s that mental image again sorry!