Whilst playing with the dashboard of this blog/site I noticed that it had a ‘Ratings’ Section.

So I thought I would experiment a little and enable the Ratings System on this site and see if readers liked it.

Basically readers can now rate each post and indeed comments by simply clicking on the rating section appearing at the end of them.

As a writer/blogger I appreciate each and every comment that is made and hope that these will continue but it is also important to me that my work remain relevant and enjoyable and the rating system (if used) is a way of my seeing whether folk are enjoying my stuff.

So underneath each posting you should see the same picture that appears in the red box below.  All you have to do it to click on the number of stars you wish to award as a rating.

Posts Rating System Example

In terms of comments, the rating system is above each of the comments and is shown in the picture in the red box below.  All you have to do is click on the hand with thumb up if you like the comment and the hand with the thumb down f you really dislike the comment. (Which I hope no one will)

Comments Rating System Example

I have to be honest I am less sure about the rating of comments but did want to afford folk the chance to easily express their appreciation or agreement with things other readers have said.

But of course it really is up to you the reader whether or not you think the rating system is a good idea and if you would use such a system?  I really would like to know your opinions on this.

So how about dropping me a comment  and letting me know your views on this?

Many thanks and Kind Regards,