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Someone recently asked me why I don’t have a blogroll listing other blogger’s sites on this blog and it is a good question.

Actually it is one that has a simple answer.  I just haven’t gotten around to it as yet.  But that is something that I can and will remedy shortly…

One of the primary motivations for this site is to offer support to others who suffer from mental health related issues and certainly this site is not alone in this.  There are a growing number of sites and blogs out there who have mental health and mental illness as their core theme.  I feel very strongly that the good ones are an excellent resource for folk and that we should all, as mental health bloggers, support one another and thereby help simplify the “seeking help and information process” that many mental illness sufferers and their carers go through.

So over the next week or so I am going to place a blog roll on this site that includes links to the other sites that I visit which have a mental-health and mental-illness related theme and which offer a positive perspective on these.

If you would like your site/blog on this blog roll please feel free to send me comment and let me have the address and I will try to check it out and then include it on my blog roll.  Additionally I will be contacting the owners and blogs and sites which I currently visit on a regular basis and asking them if I can include their blogs in my blog roll.

Obviously I cannot list every site/blog and I will only be listing those blogs which I myself frequently visit or will frequently be visiting. For example one such site which I have only just started visiting today is that of “Creativity From Chaos”.  As a writer with mental health issues myself I like to support other writers who have similar issues as me.

Sites and blogs that I will not be listing however are…

  • Sites and blogs that are commercially based or motivated
  • Sites and blogs where the opinions and beliefs expressed are in direct opposition and/or conflict with those I hold.
  • Sites and blogs which I feel portray a negative perspective on mental illness and mental illness sufferers.

In respect of sites/blogs that are commercially based or motivated, please understand that I do accept that some sites and blogs need to be commercially based but I have always  avoided this line for myself as I feel it can place the owner in a position where motivations can get clouded.

In respect of sites/blogs where the opinions and beliefs expressed are in direct opposition and/or conflict with those I hold, please understand that whilst I fully accept that others may have opposing or conflicting opinions and beliefs to me and whilst I totally respect their right to have these views, it would be wrong for me to do anything to encourage or endorse them.

I sincerely hope that I don’t cause offense in taking this line but I have to stay true to myself and my beliefs and I hope everyone understands.