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Anyone who knows me well will know that I have a great fondness of Bridges and Water.  I love oceans, seas, rivers, lakes streams and I love bridges – old, new, metal, wooden, rope.

There is something transient, fluid, refreshing, inspiring, cleansing, relaxing, embracing about water and in many ways these are present in bridges also.

They can bring peace, comfort, assurance, confidence, and they can take you from places and/or too places.  They unite countries, nations, peoples, communities and individuals.

Strong, reliable, precarious, weak, extravagant, rudimentary, complex or basic they come in all shapes and sizes and yet some are both incredibly strong and yet incredibly fragile at the same time.

And there could be no greater example of a bridge that is both incredibly strong and incredibly fragile at the same time as the bridge that is trust.

When working well  trust can be the bond that unites people in the strongest way in a  way that can survive any storm and that can last a lifetime.  And yet if not working well it is a bridge that will survive few storms and that will all too easily crumble.

All too  often bridges of trust that have crumbled become drawbridges and instead of being a source of unity, access or invitation they become a method of withdrawal, protection and isolation.

And trust is not always an easy thing to come by.  As someone who suffers from poor mental health I can tell you that this trust is all too often threaten and doubted not necessarily by others but also from within.

So when you feel like you might be being lied to, used, mistreated even neglected it can hit so very hard and hurt desperately – even more so when this is being done or is perceived to be being done by those who should or who claim to love you,

Anyone who knows me well will know that I have a great fondness of Bridges. Anyone who knows me well will know how much I hate being the way I am and the desperate hurt that I feel seeing bridges crumble.