Had a very peaceful day today and really enjoyed it again.

Sadly I was not well again and the voices were bad but at least I was able to cope with them and not let them affect me too badly.

I managed to do some more reading and catch up on yet more paperwork and also was able to watch some Stephen Fry DVDs from his box set.  I am thoroughly enjoying them and really liking my new routine.  the one’s I am watching at the moment are his “Last Chance To See”  DVDs and they are excellent.  Watched the one about the White Rhino last night and the one about the Manatees. I am so very much enjoying them.

Tomorrow I intend to keep to my new routine as I am enjoying it so much and think it is benefiting me.

Actually the Manatees are large marine mammal that seems to live with such grace and peace and tranquility unless it is impacted by predators.  I so very my long for that grace and peace and tranquility and am so tired of the drama of life and that poor mental health can all too often bring.

Sadly however the number of Manatees are declining to a desperate level and that truly saddens me.  They are I fear so very much misunderstood and under-appreciated for what they truly are.  Hm I can relate to that.  Not the most beautiful of creatures by modern-day standards – hm I can relate to that also, they do have their very own special beauty about them.  But then don’t we all if only we would take a moment not to be governed or influenced by society’s or the media’s influences and commercially motivated standards?

I am going to try to get another early night tonight although I am mindful that it is already very late.  BUt if I am able to get some solid sleep it really should benefit me.

In terms of new routine it is still early days and way too soon to know what affects it will have on me.  One very important motivation, at least in respect of actually getting into a decent sleep pattern is that I am back at hospital on Monday – at least I think I should be but have no way of confirming, so I have booked the transport anyway – and want to be fresh and awake for it.

Time of course will tell and I really do hope that I have not messed up the dates – which of course is entirely possible.  Hopefully, providing the dates are right, it will give me a chance to discuss this Navel bleeding that I am still experiencing albeit only now and then.

Ok time for bed.  I leave you with a picture of grace, peace and tranquility….  I wonder if you can truly see it the same way I do?