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Spent a very different and yet very enjoyable day today.

I guess really it started last night when I decided to try to have an early night.  My lack of sleep is well-known and I had hoped that by going to bed the minute I started to feel tired I might actually be able to get some sleep.

Of course that didn’t happen the way I planned and simply ended up in rescheduling the normal lack of deep sleep and occasional short periods of dozing.

It did however mean that I was up and out of bed at about 4,30am and rather than spending time online I grabbed a book, made a coffee and went and read for a while.

The rest of the day was filled with catching up on some correspondence that I have been meaning to write – I like to do this by hand rather than on the computer as it is more personal – designing websites, reading and watching some DVDs that I have been meaning to read but hadn’t managed until now.

And I have to say that I really enjoyed the day.  Not spending so much time in my office helped in terms of the fatigue that I usually experience and being away from the internet was so very refreshing.

Actually, apart from keeping up to date with my game on Facebook, and occasionally searching for graphics for the website I was designing, I have to say that being away from the internet was so very refreshing.

I think one of the things that can happen all too easily is that we form and get into patterns and routines that are perhaps not the healthiest for us and that then potentially become a rut.

There is so much that I want to try to achieve.  Writing more, doing more art, reading more, designing new websites, to name but a few.  So I have decided to rewrite my timetable in order to afford me the time and opportunity to do all these things.  Additionally this should ensure that I have as much opportunity to sleep more and if today is anything to go by may also help with my mental health.

I think that reviewing our activities is always a good idea and sometimes we have to make hard decisions in the hope of a better quality of life,  I look forward to seeing how the decisions that I have made affect my quality of life.