Another sleepless night thanks to the voices.  Seriously there is only a certain amount of sleeplessness any one can take and I am really struggling with it all.

The voices and paranoia have been bad for a while now and were made even worse yesterday evening.  Whereas I have at least been able to get the occasional twenty or thirty minutes dozing here and there since yesterday evening I have not been able to get my mind to shut down or even slow down long enough for me to even doze let alone actually sleep.

This is now getting extremely worrying and I don’t know how to address it.  Nothing I try to do seems to settle my mind and thus sleep avoids me yet again.  My eyes aren’t focusing properly and my mind is focusing even less.  Even this little post has taken me five or six times longer than usual to write thanks to all the corrections.

I need to shut down somehow but am not sure how.