Keen observers or readers of this blog and indeed my other blogs may have noticed a recent reduction in activity when it comes to posts.

This is easily explained and comes down to the fact that I have been going through a bad patch when it comes to my physical health and thus have had to rest up a lot.

Actually the truth is that I have been in bed for nearly all of the past few days and apart from the times when I have deliberately got up and got dressed just so I am moving my legs and so as not to get too stiff I really haven’t been well enough to do anything.

Either I have just been too weak, too tired or in too much pain to be able to do anything particularly active and even sitting up at my desk for any period of time has proven to be a bit too much for me.  Additionally the headaches and the bleeding  have been dragging me down a little.  Yesterday day time was no exception to this and indeed the headaches yesterday morning and afternoon were worse than they have been for some time now.

Knowing that I really wanted to got to bible study that evening, I got up around lunchtime and intended to do a couple of things around the house.  But within minutes I was driven back to my bed by a huge migraine-like headache.  Hoping and praying it would be should lived and turning everything off and hiding under the covers so as not to have to suffer light sensitivity I eventually got to sleep.

Thankfully it reduced and yesterday evening I did manage to make it to bible study in Wexford.  Which is a great blessing and something that I am very grateful for.

We were studying, among other things, the “Father’s Love” for us and that is always something I am very keen on as I believe it to truly be an integral part of understanding God and the relationship he desires to have with us.

I really do enjoy Bible Studies and am so grateful to my dear Sis in the Lord who takes me whenever she can and I am so grateful that my health seems to be improving at the moment.

I have decided to exercise today.

LOL I can just see my parents and loved-ones getting flustered just at reading those six little words.

You see, one of the things about me is that I dislike disorganization and untidiness and when I am unwell things tend to slip in terms of paperwork and the tidiness of my home.  Which of course then irritates me mentally and I need to get up and fix things.  Often doing so too soon after being sick and before I am really well enough to be able to do them.

So when I say, “I have decided to exercise today.”  I just know it is going to fluster my parents and those who love and care for me.  Which is of course why I said it. LOL Sorry I just couldn’t resist it.

Perhaps it would help if I typed the whole thing and not just selective words.  I have decided to exercise some caution and common sense today and not rush into cleaning and tidying and sorting things out but instead to take things easy and do a little here and there when I am able.

I need to rest and relax and to get back into my “normal” (if such a state actually exists) routine gradually. But I did want to come online and write and publish a couple of posts today.  This being the first and through it to explain the lack of activity recently.

So there you have it and in closing I would like to thank all of you for your support and encouragements and for all the get well soon comments I have received.  Each and every comment is very much appreciated.  Thank you.