How’s that for a dramatic title!

In the course of my lifetime I have heard several things that have been mooted as possible causes for the world being thrown out of its own orbit and indeed I have heard a number of potentially cataclysmic results of this ever happening.

In terms of possible causes they normally all come down to one thing – huge history changing events such as: Giant Asteroids hurtling towards the earth,  the Atom bomb, and more recently the Large Hadron Collider.

In terms of the potential results again they all usually come down to one thing.  The world not being able to cope with or survive the shock of it all.

Well today something has taken place that could well prove to be a history changing event and indeed I am not sure the world will be able to handle the shock of it.

Yes, you guessed it, I actually did as I was told and rested all day long!

LOL OK so it isn’t quite as world-shocking as the title of this post may imply but hey if the world does fall out or is thrown out of its own orbit as a result of this news and life as we know it does end please feel free to email me hehe.

Getting up fairly early in the day and having been unwell lately I listened to the instructions I have been given and actually resisted the temptation to do some tidying up around the house and I didn’t even do any laundry.

Instead I spent most of the day resting in my armchair in front of a nice warming coal fire and only moved from there to pay a call of nature, prepare my food or to write a couple of emails, blogs and comments.

Actually I am both very shocked and very pleased with myself really as it really is a bit of an achievement for me to do as I am told and rest despite my mind constantly saying, “that needs tidying” or “that laundry needs washing” or “this needs sorting out”.

I managed to read some, and rest a lot and I have to be totally honest here, I don’t feel the worse for doing so.  Does the house still need a bit of tidying? Yes it does but then there is always tomorrow.  Does the Laundry need doing?  Yes but again there is always tomorrow.  Are there still files that need attending to?  Yes BUT, yes you guessed it, there is always tomorrow.

Later this evening, knowing that I would be retiring fairly early tonight – again in compliance with the instructions I have been given,  I have put the heating on for a little bit so as to warm my bedroom up a little and pretty soon I am going to go to bed to watch a DVD and read a little before trying to sleep.

What tomorrow will bring, I am not sure.  But I do know that today was a minor victory over some of my mental health as I didn’t give into the urges to get up and be busy and instead afforded myself permission to do nothing.

Is the world going to be thrown out of its own orbit?  LOL I doubt it!  But again please feel free to email me or leave me a comment to that effect tomorrow if the world ends tonight 🙂