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An hour or so ago I published a post that I had started writing when I first got up but that I had to stop writing as I have suffered migraine like  headaches all day.

Some have already responded to that post and noticed  the difference in its tone.  I am always grateful for people’s responses and the feedback that I get even when the post isn’t too positive and I accept that this last post wasn’t too positive but then I promised myself that I would be real in this blog.

The truth is that having poor mental health or poor physical health and indeed having both combined can drag you down and whilst I try to be real I do so with the sure-fire resolve and assurance that it will improve either in this world or the next and that I have a loving  saviour who will not forsake me.

As for how I am at this present time, I am slightly more encouraged.  I have just shared a bible study with my family and this is always a positive thing.

The blood issues are still on my mind I have to say and still very much present.  (I just checked).  I shared my concerns about them in my posting entitled “bloody concerning” the other day and am very grateful for the encouragements that I received concerning this.

Despite my reluctance to see a doctor about something so intimate and being victim of a very poor self-body  image I did call my doctor today but sadly they closed early today and so I could not arrange an appointment.  I have however spoken to my son and he has offered to give me transport to the doctors tomorrow if am able to arrange an appointment and I am going to call and arrange one tomorrow if possible.  Tomorrow is as they say another day.

Nothing else has really changed in respect of my health since my last post and so I am going to go to bed and try to rest some more in order that I may be able to get up early tomorrow and call my doctor.  I did just want to post this update before retiring for the night and to thank everyone for their comments, encouragements and prayers.