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So here is the deal.  If you have mind like mine, you have to get used to random thoughts generating hours and hours of research, reflection and answer finding.

Actually since I have a huge hunger for knowledge this is not such a bad thing although a) sometimes those “random thoughts” are I must admit way out there and b) sometimes those random thoughts and their subsequent considerations can occupy my focus for hours and take away from other things that I should be doing.

Eeeek!  Flashbacks to school reports saying, “Kevin is always thinking but sadly very often not what he is meant to be considering and not about the same thing the rest of the class is thinking about.”

“So stop teaching such basic, rudimentary and boring stuff!” was often my silent but extremely apt retort.

Today was no different in respect of random thoughts although one of them interested and encouraged me immensely.

Being as tired as I have been lately, I went to bed very early and slept off and on for an hour or so before getting up and making a coffee and settling down to watch some television.

Once I was sat down and had selected some interesting television – “Waking the Dead” a kind of UK version of “Cold Case” crossed with “CSI” [What can I tell you, I like crime dramas and detective series.] I took a sip of my coffee, grabbed a book to read whilst watching television and lit my pipe.

Enter random thought  into brain.  “How long has it been since I gave up the smokes and went to a pipe?”

See what I mean about random thoughts?

The television was on and a particularly interesting episode of “Waking the Dead” showing, my book “J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis – The story of their friendship” [Two of my favourite authors was in my hand and my brain thinks about pipes!

So I spent a little time considering how long it has been, how much healthier I am  since a) I don’t smoke the pipe as much as I did cigarettes and b) I hardly ever actually inhale the pipe smoke whereas I always inhaled the cigarette smoke, and how much money I might have saved as a result of going from cigarettes to pipe.

Well I couldn’t remember exactly when it was that I converted from ciggies to pipe but did recall making a mention of it on one of my blogs around the time I had converted.  So I looked through my old blog posts and found a mention of it way back in April.

A simple calculation tells me that from the day I mentioned having made the change (which I assume is the day, or very near the day, I did change) till today is some seven months and thirteen days!

Taking the specific months and their subsequent number of days into account that is some 227 days!

Wow!  And it gets better.

I used to smoke between a pack and two packs a day and so if we even it out at a pack and a half a day based at an average of 8 Euros per pack that comes to 12 Euros per day compared to the 8 Euros every three days that I currently spend on pipe tobacco.

This roughly equates to a saving of  9.333333 Euros per day over a 227 day period which is a saving of 2118.667 Euros or 2,838.08 US Dollars, or 2889.64 Canadian Dollars or 1814.69 UK Pounds sterling.

That is an amazing thing and I am so very encouraged by it!

Only problem is that it set my m ind off again and now I can’t help trying to work out were all those savings went!

Hm I think I am just going to have to try to get my brain to focus on my book and the episode of Taggart that has just started, smoke my pipe for a bit and then try to get some more sleep!

Night all.