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First and foremost I want to say a huge thank you to all those who sent me wishes of wellness and encouragements after last night’s difficult time.

The really good news is that I managed to survive the night without self-harming, over-medicating or doing anything else silly.

Despite being so very tired all day today, I have actually had a very good day and really enjoyed it despite not being able to get to church and despite the after-effects of last night.

As I am sure you can understand one of those after-effects is the fact that I am so very tired and so I am going to turn in for an early night.

I have so much that I could do and indeed that I want to do but I am just not able to do it physically. As the old saying goes, “the spirit is willing but the body [and the mind for that matter] is weak.

I bid you all goodnight and God bless therefore.