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I have decided that I am going to stop wearing the compression stockings until I have had a chance to speak with the pharmacist or doctor again.

The reason for my wearing them in the first place is because one of my legs gets severely swollen by the end of the day unless I am able to keep it elevated all the time which then reduces the amount of swelling slightly.

In fact the picture above which was taken after a day of resting show’s the average level of swelling that I experience with it, but trust me had I not had rested that day it would have grown a lot more swollen.  As you can see whilst all of the leg is swollen the main area of swelling seems to be from below the knee down as far as the toes.

Because of this I was prescribed knee-length compression stockings to use in order to remove/reduce some of the swelling,   But I am simply not getting on with them and actually they cause more discomfort than the swelling itself.

Knowing that I was going to church today and that I was being picked up just after 10 am I waited until just before leaving before putting on the stocking and wore it right the way up until I arrived home around five.  At which point I simply couldn’t tolerate wearing them anymore.  So I removed them the moment I got home. And on seeing what my leg looked like I decided to take a photo so I could show the pharmacist.


The above picture shows the level of swelling after only 7 hours most of which being spent sitting down.

The the first/top arrow of the above picture illustrates how high the compression stocking normally is when I first put them on.

The second/middle arrow illustrates the markings that are left by the stocking rolling down and bunching up soon after I have put the stockings on.

The third or lower arrow illustrates the markings that I get as a result of the bunching up that takes place around the ankle area.

As you can see by comparing the two photo’s (and indeed my two legs in the first photo) the shape of my legs both when swollen and when not swollen are such that keeping long stockings up is very difficult.  So actually I can’t help thinking that these current stockings are doing more harm than good.

By the time I have removed the stocking some days, my skin is so sensitive and so dry that even the slightest of brushing against then or the slightest of scratching to alleviate the itching brings about bleeding and that really worries me as I am very concerned about scarring and infection especially since I am also diabetic.