As I sat to write this post I followed my normal process of considering what I wanted to say and how I was going to say it.  As soon as the “Add New Post” page loaded I typed in the “working” title for this post. Again something that I normally do before writing the post, knowing that I can always change it later on if by the end of the post something better has come to mind.

So, once the page had loaded. I sat and typed, “Yes another positive day!” in the title box.  And it suddenly hit me.  “I am surprised!”  I mean it.  Yes, that title speaks of celebration, but doesn’t it also speak of surprise and indeed suggest that – since I automatically placed an exclamation mark at the end – this is unexpected, outside of the norm perhaps?

Yesterday I spent almost all of the day outside of my house.  From early to mid-morning right the way through to late night I was actually not at home and what is more I thoroughly enjoyed it!

It was a day full of intelligent, fun, enjoyable conversation with my dear sister in the Lord Natalie and of  shared playfulness with her children.

The evening was one of a Bible Study at the home of Margo in Wexford and it was so enjoyable to meet and have fellowship in the word with everyone.

On the way back  Natalie and I discussed the bible study and our respective situations and the thought, “Never let anyone steal your  joy!” came to my mind and wouldn’t leave it.  Was the thought for my sweet sister’s benefit or was it for mine?  Or indeed was it, as is often the case with God, for both of us to reflect on?

Saying goodnight to Natalie and thanking her for a lovely day I came indoors, made some fuss of TJ my dog, and then got ready for bed.

I was tired – very tired.  I am not used to being out all day and I am not used to not resting at some point during the mid afternoon when I find that I usually get very weak.

I was in pain, my body is not used to being out all day and it is not used to not resting at some point during the mid afternoon when I find that it usually gets very weak.

But above all this I was joyful.  So very joyful.  I had enjoyed the day.  I had enjoyed the company.  I had enjoyed the conversations.  I had enjoyed the playfulness with the kids.  I had enjoyed the bible study.  I had enjoyed the fellowship.  I had enjoyed the conversations with other Christians.

I looked at my leg as I peeled off the compression stocking that had rolled half way down my leg several times within the first hour after my putting it on and which I had decided I just couldn’t keep fighting to pull up every time, despite the fact that it gripped my leg like the jaws of a man-trap where it had rolled/bunched up.

It had ballooned quite severely again.  I grabbed my camera and took a quick photo.  I thought I would show it to the doctor or pharmacist, and point out the obvious difference where the top of the compression stocking had rolled down and bunched just above the ankle, and inquire if there is not some sort of alternative we could explore.

Settling down to the sleep I knew I needed so badly, not having slept very much at all lately and not having rested during the day,  I was thankful.  Thankful for the day that I had enjoyed.  Thankful for the conversation.  Thankful for the food I had eaten, Thankful for the fellowship I had shared.  Thankful for the hospitality that I had been showed.  Thankful for the bible study.  Thankful for the fun the kids and I had shared.  Thankful for the lessons learned.  Thankful for the love and above all else, thankful for the joy I had again.