Another really good day today, although I am still very much struggling with the tiredness and lack of physical energy.  Which i really quite frustrating as mentally, emotionally and spiritually I am so keen to do things and yet physically I am limited.  Which puts a different spin on the Matthew 26:41b quote “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”

I did manage to get some things achieved today though which was good.  I again sorted out some more files and tidied up around the house and I even managed to get to the doctor today as intended.

The doctor was very encouraging about the bleeding in my navel and having examined it assured me that it all seemed fine and that actually bleeding in the navel is not as uncommon as one would think and nothing to be too greatly worried about.

Whilst she was far too kind to mention it I couldn’t help wondering if my weight and size did not increase the potential for this kind of thing.  It appears totally logical to me that the greater the girth of the stomach the more the skin and thus the navel would be stretched.

Whilst there I also discussed my recent visit to the hospital and the physiotherapists advice that I a) get compression bandages or stockings and b) use moisturizer for my swollen leg.

The doctor and I discussed it and she was kind enough to prescribe both of them for me and so tonight I intend to start a regime of applying moisturizer (hence this post’s title) and tomorrow I will start wearing the compression stocking.  I am not sure what effect this is going to have on the leg but I remain hopeful although I have great difficulty putting socks on and generally don’t wear them.  Much to the dismay of my diabetes nurse who is obviously concerned as the eyes and feet are at greater risk with diabetes.

Whilst at the pharmacist picking up my prescriptions I noticed my ex-wife (although technically we are not yet divorced) and had a really nice chat with her about how we were both doing and about how things were with her mum who has not been at all well lately.

I cannot begin to explain how grateful I am that our separation was peaceful and without malice or acrimony.  I know that some people find it very difficult to understand, since we did indeed separate but I do still care so very much for her and have no bitter feelings whatsoever towards her. So it was good to meet up and to chat and to generally catch up on things.

Tomorrow I have been invited out again to my dear sister in Christ’s home and then on to another bible study.  Please trust me when I say that nowadays there are few places that I would actively want to go to and spend time socializing  in but of the few that do still remain this particular sister’s family home is one of them.

I really enjoy the conversations that we have about our faith and our Lord and it is great to be around a family environment for a short while.   I feel safe there and know that even when I am not in the best of minds I am not judged and will not be mistreated.

As for the bible study, well I am somewhat nervous about  it but if the other night’s bible study is anything to go by it should be fine.  So I am going to try to retire early tonight and to get a good night’s sleep.  LOL Now how’s that for blind optimism!