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I have had a good day today and I am so very pleased that I have.   If recent times are anything to go on, it makes a pleasant change and I think the successes of yesterday certainly had something to do with it.

In reality I didn’t really get much done. I did manage to do some computer work and to organize a few things that have been awaiting my attention. I am very pleased about this 🙂

On the plus side of things I also managed to remember to contact my pharmacist as I was fairly sure I had some meds to pick up. I was correct and they will have these ready for me next week.

On the negative side of things I contacted my psychiatrist because I have had this irritating feeling that I was or am due to see him.  Oops I missed my appointment and my next one isn’t until April 24th so that isn’t very good at all and yes I have little doubt I will get told off for missing such an important thing.

Again on the plus side I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow instead of next week in order to sort out my bleeding from my navel and in order to arrange compression bandages/stockings for my leg…

On the plus side, my leg is not as swollen as it has been and hopefully will get even better with the compression bandages/stocking.

On the plus side, I managed to publish part eight of the Managing the Madness Series.

You can find it by clicking on the “Managing The Madness” page link at the top right hand corner of this page or click here..

Again on the plus side, I have been invited to a bible study group on Friday night and am really looking forward to it.  Don’t tell  anyone I admitted that!

I also managed to remember to pay a very important bill today,  It has left me absolutely broke but at least the need to pay the bill will not be weighing me down anymore.  So that is a good thing also.

So I go to my bed tonight weary but not tired, happy and not too burdened.  I am so very grateful for all the responses and encouragements that I receive here on this site, on twitter, Facebook, Skype or email and I pray you all have a great evening/night.