Sorry all you Britney fans.  This isn’t a posting related to one of Britney Spear’s songs it is the first thing that went through my mind when I suddenly realized that I had forgotten to take my meds today and for that matter I can’t recall actually taking them yesterday either – which I admit is not good at all.

If there is one thing that I am simply awful at (and I am sure that list actually numbers many things I am awful at) it is remembering my meds.  That having been said, I have actually been very good recently all things considered and so I am extremely disappointed in and angry at myself for having forgotten them again.  I also have forgotten to go to the pharmacy and pick up a refill on my prescription – which is something I really do need to attend to. Hm perhaps my son or his partner will get it for me?

I can’t begin to describe how frustrated and annoyed at myself I am right now.  I promised myself (and others) that I really would take them regularly and indeed did just that for over a month now.  What is very annoying is that I actually have noticed an improvement in my mental health as a result of having done so.

The Folic Acid especially seemed to benefiting me and as I mentioned in an earlier post I have actually been able to start reading again.  Those who are following my posts will know that I devoured the first of Stephen Fry’s autobiographies and indeed  am now on the second of them and I am very much enjoying the read.

Ok, off to remedy the meds situation before I get into real trouble with those I promised I would do better to. (although I suspect that I already am in trouble with them)

More on this later….