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The eyes close and as they do so the movie begins.

Has the closing of the eyes, this momentary stepping away from consciousness of “the real world” brought about the start the movie? Or indeed is the real world actually the movie and the assumed movie really the real world? Is the matrix really not all around you but all within you?

Either way the eyes close and as they do so the movie begins. 

And like the inmates of some distant prison camp stuck with but one feature your heart and mind call out for a comedy, a romance, God even a chick flick, but to no avail as once again you are left with a horror.

Pictures flicker into brilliance from the recesses of your memory and your torment. Brilliance not in terms of radiance but in terms of the complexity of the labyrinth it creates with you.

As the cryptic caustic cellulose drags itself over the cogs of your cognition they avoid the scrutiny of the “rational guards” and once again you are trapped, held helpless within the ever-present cart that hurtles up and down on the labyrinth-like roller-coaster of your thoughts.

Plummeting one minute into depths of self-hatred and hurtling upwards the next into the ridicule and accusation of someone else’s you try in vain to ride it out knowing all along that this particular ride has no end.

Oh God how I tire of this ride, this torment. Won’t someone please just stop my mind? I want to get off!