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When the television gets too much for us, or the radio or mp3 player we simply turn it off.  In truth, and let’s be candid here, when people get too much for us we simply withdraw or walk away, or if the relationship permits, we simply address it and hope for a resolution or a respite from it.

But what does one do when it is the internal dialogue that is too much for us to cope with?

You can’t turn it off as there are no on/off or volume controls.

You can’t withdraw or walk away as they come with you.

You can’t address it with them – trust me I have tried – because it just serves to incite or encourage them further.

The meds – the chemical doctors of hopelessness – serve only to reduce them slightly or to send you into such a sedated “zombi-esque” state that actually functionality in all other areas is seriously impaired.

So what are you left with?  Prayer and prayer alone it  seems.

OK as has just been pointed out to me by the peanut gallery that wonders the recesses of my mind, that is not all that you are left with. You also have the self-same internal dialogue that you started with.