I find my mental health getting worse and worse and this has been so for days and days now.


I am making every effort to combat it ( as readers of my No More Simply Weighting Blog  will no doubt know) but I fear it is a battle I am losing.

On the outside I am trying so very hard to appear confident and capable but it is but a mask and one that is designed to protect and yet is it really protecting me or is it simply masking the truth from those who could care and pray.  The truth is that I just don’t know.

I yearn to be open and honest and yet there are only a few that I can truly be open and honest with and those who are local to me and ask themselves why I feel unable to be honest would be better off  asking themselves what they are failing to see.

I have such an urge to self harm and have had this for days now but so far have resisted.

My prayers are for help in this regard and yet even more my prayers are for my brothers and sisters in Christ within Egypt and areas of unrest such as that and with those folk in NZ who are suffering at this time.