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“The Dreaded Lump!”   – How’s that for a title of a posting?

No, this isn’t my pet name for myself, alth0ugh at times I certainly have this self-image and yes the voices (schizophrenia) tell me this is how people see me and refer to me behind my back.  It is actually about a lump that I found in my left breast whilst self examining one day.  (February last year)

But before I go on to the real point of this post I feel I want to cover the whole thing about self-examination as it is a very necessary thing and something that I for one don’t belief enough folk are aware of.

Self examination in this context is the regular checking of certain parts of the body for any lumps, discoloration or oddities (for want of a better word).  It is something that needs to be done by both males and females on a regular basis and I truly believe that ALL parents need to be teaching and encouraging their kids to self-examine on a regular basis.

Let me be very, very clear here. As far as I can make out even where parents are teaching their children about self-examination, in a lot of cases, the boys are encouraged just to examine their testicles and the girls encouraged just to examine their breasts.  I am convinced however that this is just not enough.

So here are a couple of links that I think are fairly useful when comes to male and female breast examination and to testicular examination also.  I strongly encourage every reader to check them out and to prayerfully consider how they should respond personally as a man or a woman and indeed what messages, encouragements and information they should be giving their children.

Female Breast Examination

Male Breast Self Examination

Testicula Self-Examination

OK So that having been said what about the dreaded lump.

Well for those who don’t know, In February last year I detected a lump in my breast whilst self-examining after a shower one day.  I wrote about it in my other blog (on my mental health).

At first I was convinced it was just an infection and indeed went to the Doctor and got antibiotics.  These reduced the lump no end but then it came back with a vengeance and around that time I was rushed into hospital with heart problems.  It was then that the Cardiac specialist told me about my heart problems and that he thought it very possible that the problems had been exasperated by the infection in my breast.

The thing is that the infection whilst seeming to go away didn’t actually go completely and the lump returned three more times always behind my left nipple.

Several visits to the doctor later and having seen some specialists I was referred for an ultra sound examination, x-ray and possible core or fine needle biopsy, as it was possible that the infection and subsequent lump could be more than that and could of course be cancerous.

As I am sure you can imagine this has been a very worrying time for me BUT I am delighted to be able to announce that I went for that hospital appointment this morning and there is NO cancer.

I cannot begin to express just how delighted I am and how relieved and grateful I am.  Still not sure what is causing the repeating infection but hey I am just extremely grateful to get the all clear as far as the cancer goes.

The truth is that whilst it is true that less than 1% of breast cancer occurs in men the fact is that men can still get it and so it never hurts to be sure and thus it never hurts to self examine – even if you are a guy!